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If you have received a traffic ticket returnable to the East Hills Village Court you should retain an experienced attorney to fight the ticket on your behalf. A conviction for a moving violation can potentially result in points on your driver’s license and increase your insurance premiums. If you receive six or more points on your driver’s license you can also be subject to the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee, which is a fee imposed by the DMV separate and apart from court fines. 

The Law Office of David Galison, P.C. routinely appears at the East Hills Village Court. We handle all types of moving violations, including but not limited to: Speeding Tickets; Stop Sign Tickets; Failure to Signal Tickets; Red Light Tickets; and Tailgating Tickets. We also handle misdemeanor traffic offenses such as Driving With a Suspended License or Registration. We are consistently successful in getting the points that motorists are charged with reduced.

Like most other courts, the East Hills Village Court requires motorists to personally appear to fight a traffic ticket. However, with a properly executed authorization our office can typically appear on your behalf without your presence being necessary. This is especially beneficial given that the Court meets in the evening when most people would rather be spending time with their families and loved ones than in a courtroom.


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East Hills Village Court meets on Wednesday evenings. The court is located at 209 Harbor Hill Road, East Hills, NY 11576.


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Client Testimonials
  • I highly recommend Kristin Galison. Calling this firm was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Kristin took care of me like I was family. I'm truly touched by her top service and it came out just like she said it would. If you made an unfortunate mistake like I did and you received a bad traffic ticket I would not hesitate to call.

    - Registered User via Avvo
  • Kristin Galison was a great lawyer ! Organized and helpful. She reduced my speeding ticket and all the fees. I received 0 points on my license as opposed to receiving 6 points. I would definitely use her again.

    - Yelp Reviewvia Yelp
  • I was pulled over and ticketed for driving 80 mph in a 30 mph zone. I was referred to this attorney by a friend. As soon as I called, she helped me understand the situation since it was my first speeding ticket. She gave very clear directions on how to proceed with the ticket process and how she would defend me in court. We spoke on the phone several times to discuss payment, mailing and updates on what she was doing to assist me. I was supposed to receive 11 points on my license, and have it revoked for 6 months to a year. But she reduced the charge to 3 points. I am very relieved and grateful for her assistance.

    - JUNEvia Avvo
  • I think Kristin Galison was exceptional. My wife's traffic tickets were brought down from 7 points to 0 points. Thank You Kristin

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